Writing Program | UMass Amherst


"True Crime"

A themed first year writing course examining crime and the justice system. Students read and analyze an excerpts from an anthology of prison writing, research a crime of their choice, and craft short pieces of creative crime writing based on real criminal cases.


"On Monsters"

In partnership with Residential Academic Programs, a themed first year composition course on the subject of monsters and alienation. Subjects include witches, cryptozoology, monster movies, disability studies, queer theory, and women's studies. Students will examine the nature of fear, how and why we make "monsters," and the social, political, and economic impacts of alienation. 



A+ Middle School | Education Unlimited


"Future Studies"

A five day critical reading and writing course for middle school students focusing on science fiction, imagined inventions, and what writing can teach us about future worlds. 

Creative Writing

English | UMass Amherst


"Creative Writing 354: Happy Accidents"

A mixed-genre creative writing workshop with a focus on writing and experimentation. Covering poetry and experimental fiction, with a brief study of writing for theatre, translation, and the intersections of writing and technology. Authors include: Emily Dickinson, Tyehimba Jess, Maggie Nelson, Carmen Maria Machado, Sappho, Patrick Chamoiseau, etc.



Juniper Institute for Young Writers


"Literary Outlaws"

A generative, week-long workshop for high school students on writers past and present who ignored & rebelled against genre conventions. Including writing experiments in fiction, poetry, and theatre, collaborative writing, and translation. Students will practice examining their own and others' texts on their own terms, without relying on the constraints of genre expectations or the "rules" of writing. 



"Poet's Theatre"

A two-hour long evening session for high school students centered around improv and performance to help students feel more comfortable performing their work, and embracing their uncensored, unedited creative selves.



"The Story of Myself"

A day-long craft session for high school students in conjunction with a field trip to the Eric Carle Museum of the Picture Book. Students will discuss how early stories helped them shape and understand their various identities, and create visual poems in the shape of their own bodies using text and found materials.


"Poet's Theatre" (Day Long Workshop at Mt. Ida)

A Juniper Institute spin-off course held at the UMass Mt. Ida Campus for Boston-area high school students. Centered around improv and performance, with additional focus on writing monologues and adapting short stories and poetry for the stage. 



Emerging Writers Institute | Education Unlimited


"Poetry Workshop"

A week-long intensive creative writing workshop on the Yale University campus for 7th-9th grade students, with a focus on reading like writers, and understanding the fundamentals of poetry from the classic to the contemporary. Including electives on rewriting fairy tales, collaborative poetry, and the generative art of eavesdropping.