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An airplane hijacker jumps off a plane somewhere between Seattle, Washington and Reno, Nevada, never to be seen again. Mysterious lights appear in the sky in the middle of the Arizona desert. Two girls convince a famous mystery novelist to believe in fairies. In this collection of true crime stories for kids, famous authors fake their own deaths, monsters walk the beaches of Florida, and million-dollar poodles are kidnapped at the dog salon.


Introduce middle-grade readers to the intriguing and exciting capers, stories, and mysteries behind some of history's most mysterious unsolved crimes—from daring escapes to famous art heists—in this first-ever true crime book specifically for kids.

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"I would consider it a 5-star page-turner. My favorite part was about the sisters who were thought to be mediums, and how the ghost prank that they started went on for so long! I would definitely recommend this for all ages, but BE WARNED: you will want to do more research on all of the Curious Cases in this book by the time you are done with it." 

"My 4th-grade son and I love Curious Cases: True Crime for Kids. I love all things mysteries/ true crime and to my surprise, my son quickly latched on as well. We are a homeschool family and this book starts off our mornings. It has led us down many rabbit holes and provides for rich conversations in our day."

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